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Picture Perfect Prom Night<3

You and Justin are at prom. Everyone’s on the dancefloor and all the girls are staring at you two out of jealousy. Justin is behind you and the DJ is playing the hottest music. You’re feeling so sexy while you’re grinding on his dick. Justin has his hands on your thighs and runs them up and down you while you grind all over him. He breathes on your neck. He kisses your neck and you two are laughing & having the time of your life. All the girls are dancing with their less-hot dates. After hours of dancing, you and Justin get really warm. He whispers in your ear, “Let’s get out of here babe.” Without hesitation, he turns you towards him, kisses you softly on the lips, grabs your hand, and walks out of the venue. You ask, “Justin! Where are we going?” He says, “Everyone’s leaving soon anyways, lets go have some fun.” ;) He finds his car and holds the door open for you, and kisses you before he shuts it. He gets in the drivers seat. He’s driving with one hand and the other hand caressing your thigh. He has the music on and you lean over to kiss on his neck. He takes his tie off and wraps it around your eyes and says, “You can’t know where we’re going!” You sit back anxiously. The car turns off and your door opens. Justin helps you out, you start walking. You feel a breeze and he wraps his arms around you. You start to feel sand get into your heels & you smell the salty air. You totally know where you are and you’re getting turned on. Justin stops you & unties your blindfold. You open your eyes to see a blanket all laid out with rose petals and candles everywhere. Justin walks up to you and kisses you softly, and it turns into a makeout sesh. He takes you down to the blanket. He crawls on his hands and knees on top of you and takes off his jacket. He runs his hands up your gown and under your panties. He lightly strokes you while you unbutton his dress shirt. You take off his shirt and he slides down on you. He rolls up your dress and gets under there and spreads your legs. He runs his tongue from the inside of your thighs all the way up to your wet vag. He stops and looks at you, “Yeah?” You say “YES!” He starts eating you out, flicking his tongue on your clit and sucking and licking your vag all over. You’re getting so wet. He stops and sits you upright and undoes your dress zipper with his teeth. Then kisses your neck and gives you hickies. You undo his pants and he takes them off. His shoes are off. He snaps off your bra and your there naked with nothing but heels on. Justin crawls on top of you again & sucks your nipples while fingering you hard. You feel his dick getting hard through his boxers. You reach down and start stroking his cock. It’s so big and hard. It’s his turn ;) You whip him around and kiss him from his lips all the way down to his big dick and put it in your mouth. You bob up and down while he guides your head with his hands. He throws his head back, breathes heavily, and moans quietly. He pulls your hair back and picks you up and sits you on his dick. You ride him slowly as you take his full cock in your vag. He has his hands on your hips and pulls you up and down on his dick and you moan as you feel every inch of him inside you. He starts thrusting back going even deeper into you & matches your rhythm. You’re so wet. His dick feels so good sliding into you. It feels amazing but you want it to last longer. So you switch positions. Justin throws you down and goes down on you again. You can’t wait anymore. He spreads your legs and puts his jacket under your lower back so he can get a better angle. He slides himself back into your wet vag. He gets even deeper than last time and you moan with every thrust. The waves are crashing in the background and you feel the sea mist on your bodies. Justin kisses you hard on the lips and you are both breathing so heavily. He’s fucking you hard and slow. You claw into his back. He’s pounding into you and you scream, “Fuck yess! Ughhhhh Juuusttinnnn!” He smiles and goes until…. BIEBERGASM. You both just collapse next to each other and he puts his boxers on and puts his coat around you. Then he asks, “Now what?” You look at your phone and all your friends are wondering where you went. They all know SOMETHING happened with you and Justin. He says, “Wanna make an appearance at some of these parties? Maybe you can introduce them to your new boyfriend.” ;) You guys carry your stuff back to the car. You get excited cause you’re both sweaty, you have sex hair, and hickies all over. You don’t even have to say anything cause everyone will know you just had sex with JB ;)

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Hot Hotel Hookup

You see Justin in a hotel lobby and you catch his eye. He looks at you and calls to over to him. He takes off his JustBeats headphones and asks what your name is and he asks if you wanna go upstairs and hang out. Of course you say yes, so he takes your hand and the both of you sneak away from Kenny and go towards the elevator. The door opens and he pulls you in and pushes you up against the wall, takes off his leather jacket and makes out with you. He runs his hands over your jeans and you throw your head back in excitement and he kisses your lips down to your neck. The elevator dings and opens up to the penthouse suite. No ones home. Justin wraps your legs around him and carries you to the bed. Justin throws you down and takes off his shirt. You sit up, pull him down and kiss him hard while your hands all over each other. You’re aching for Justin’s big cock inside of you because you feel it’s hardness on your leg through both of your jeans. Justin can’t wait either. He undoes your jeans zipper with his teeth and you feel his hot breath in your crotch. You want him. You stroke his dick from outside of his jeans while he takes them off. And he crawls on top of you and takes off your shirt . He gropes your boobs and sucks on your nipples and his hands make their way down your stomach and into your panties. You’re already so wet and he slips his two fingers inside of you and finger-fucks you. You moan, but he tells you to hold it in. It’s impossible. You stop him and get on your knees and suck him hard. You wrap your lips around the top of his dick and move slowly up and down and Justin’s breathing gets slow and heavy. You swirl your tongue on the tip of his cock and lick his shaft up and down while he grabs onto your hair. He stops you before you get too far and carries you over to the couch and says, “The bed isn’t that fun.” ;) Justin bends you over the edge of the couch, grabs onto your hips, and pounds you from behind. He pumps his dick in and out of you first with long, gentle strokes. “ugh yessss justinnn, haarrddeerrr!” Then he fucks you with faster, harder strokes but you don’t wanna let go just yet so you stand up and push him onto the couch. He’s sitting there biting his lip with his arms stretched across the seat cushions and you mount him and sit on his cock. You ride him up and down and he throws his head back in pleasure and you start to moan again but he says “Shh, not yet!” He lays you on the couch, spreads your legs and puts his dick inside of you again. He uses the arms of the couch as leverage to push himself deep into you & you grab onto the other arm of the couch above your head. He’s pounding you so hard, the couch starts to creak. You’re both breathing so hard. You can’t help but moan cus your gonna orgasm. He says, “C’mon baby, let it out.” And you’re tearing at the couch arm saying, “UUUGHHH YESSSS! FUCK ME JUSTINNN!” He thrusts his dick into you as hard as he can and you both cum. He pulls out and you’re both dripping.You go down and lick his cock clean and he just laughs and says, “Damn girl.” You both put your clothes back on and he says, “Oh wait, I think you dropped this out of your purse.” And slips a paper into there. Justin walks you to the elevator and kisses you goodnight. You look in your purse and its a note that says, “I can make you one less lonely girl. You’re beautiful. Call me when you’re home.” You just got Justin Bieber’s number and a chance to be his one less lonely girl, for real.

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Spicin’ It Up in the Kitchen ;)

You and Justin just got out of the jacuzzi and you’re in the kitchen cooking him something to eat. He’s on the couch and you’re in the kitchen and you’re both just in your bathing suits. Justin looks back at you and winks, you blow him a kiss right back. He bites his lip. He turns off the TV and walks over to you while you’re standing over the stove. He comes up from behind you and kisses your neck. “Mmm, babe that smells delicious. I bet it’s gonna taste just as good.” His hands are on your waist and you say, “Justin stop!” ;) Justin kisses on your neck and hugs you from behind. You turn around and kiss him back. He shuts off the stove. He carries you and sits you on the counter and kisses you down to your neck, then down to your boobs. He has his arms around you and pulls the string on your top and he throws it in the other direction. You hop off the counter. You’re on your knees and Justin runs his fingers through your hair. You undo his trunks and lick his dick from top to bottom. He grabs onto your hair as you bob up and down his dick. You swirl your tongue around the tip and his hold on you gets tighter. He’s starting to breathe heavily and stops you before it gets too far. He lifts you back onto the counter and lays you down. He slides off your bottoms and kisses your inner thighs. You’re shaking and your heart is racing. He looks up at you and teases you, and you say “nooo don’t do that to me! keep going babe!” You’re getting all wet and he spreads your vagina and goes in. His tongue touches your clit and you tense up. He licks you all over & sticks his tongue inside you, you moan in pleasure. He flicks his tongue over your clit, you moan louder. He doesn’t want to send you over the top just yet, so he stops and sticks his loooong fingers in and out of you ;) You’re breathing heavily and can’t take it anymore. He knows. He takes you to the kitchen table and takes you downn. He spreads your legs and stands at the edge of the table and thrusts into you. You grab onto the top of the table. He pumps you long and hard. The table is shaking and you moan with every thrust. He holds onto your hips and goes faster. You’re getting louder and louder, “uuuughhhhhh Justtinnnnnn yessss!” He fucks you so hard he starts to move the table forward. You let out a big moan and yes… BIEBERGASM. He pulls out and crawls on the table and hovers over you. “Mmm, now how bout dessert? Gimme some sugaa” ;) And he licks his lips. You give him soft kisses and you push him off of you and onto the couch. You realize he still hasn’t finished. You push him and he sits on the couch. You get on your knees and suck him while he holds your hair. His dick gets SO hard. You feel his cock twitch in your mouth and he finishes in your mouth. Like a champ, you swallow every bit of the Bieber Juice ;) He sits back & you sit on top of him. Breathing heavily, hesays “That was hot babe.” as he looks at you with those big brown eyes.

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Gettin’ Raunchy in the Rover ;)

Justin texts you “babe just got back from the gym. dolvett worked me sooo hard. what are you up to?” You say “mmm fun ;) come get me, i’m lonely :(” and he says “i’m gonna shower then i’ll pick u up in a bit. call u when im outside” Your phone goes off, “Hello?” It’s Justin. “Babe.” You look in the mirror, and get yourself all fixed up, “I’ll be right out!” (: Justin is leaning on his Range Rover waiting for you. He sees you and smiles, you run up to him and lean on him and kiss him. He opens the door for you and holds your hand as you step up into his car. He shuts the door behind you and gets in his side. Justin says, “Missed u. I thought about u the whole time i was in Europe.You look more beautiful than when i left you.” He pulls over and shuts the car off. The only lights on are street lights. He sits back and looks at you as he licks his lips. You smile and ask, “Haha what’s that look for?” He says “Idk, i had dinner a little bit ago and mom wouldn’t let me have dessert.” He leans over to your side of the car, takes your head in his hand and kisses you. You’re making out as he bites your lower lip. It gets more intense. You feel his tongue against yours, and you’re both breathing heavily and your hearts are racing. He slides into your seat and you straddle his lap. He takes your shirt off and snaps off your bra with one hand. He can’t wait.  You’re both in the passenger’s seat making out furiously. He has one hand caressing your boobs, and the other reclining the seat. You’re on top of Justin. He takes his shirt off and you pull at his dog tags to bring him back up to kiss you. He’s kissing all over your upper body and you close your eyes and throw your neck back in pleasure. He looks at you and smiles. You kiss his smile. He nibbles at your sides while he undoes your jeans. He kisses your stomach & you feel his hot breath. You slide off his jeans & straddle his lap. You’re making out and he slips his fingers underneath your panties & inside of you. You pull away from the kiss because he has such big fingers, so you moan a little. He loves it. He pushes them in and out of you. You get all wet while he rubs your clit every couple seconds. You look at him and say, “Your turn babe” ;) He bites his lip. You come close to his face and tease him. As you’re about to kiss his lips, you turn to kiss his cheek and nibble his ears. You bite his lip and start kissing from his lips down to the elastic on his boxers. You bite the elastic and pull them down. Justin is SO hard. His dick is sticking straight up & you lick all the way up his shaft. He shakes a little cause it feels so good. You take his big dick into your mouth and bob up and down while he closes his eyes and guides your head with his hands. He stops you & says, “I can’t fucking do this anymore. Fuck me baby ;)” He smiles, lifts you up off your knees and sits you on him. He pushes himself into you slowly. It kind of hurts you cause it’s just so big, but he knows what he’s doing ;) He’s in. You get used to it and he starts thrusting into you and you push against the ceiling of the car to support yourself. You don’t want him doing all the work so you take his hands off your waist, pin them to the sides of the car, and start riding him. He watches you ride him up and down and gets so turned on. He stops you and throws you on your back into the back seat. Justin gets on top of you and kisses your neck. You’re both panting. He gets situated and puts your legs on his shoulders. He turns up the music with one hand and starts thrusting to the beat. He flips his hair and wipes the sweat from his forehead. He starts slow and you say, “Uhhhhh Justinnnn. Fuck me harderr.” He speeds up and you’re hands are grabbing onto anything you can. Justin pushes up against you and you dig your nails into his back. He’s fucking you so hard and breathing heavily into your ear. You moan faster and louder. He knows you’re about to orgasm, he is too. He pumps you harder and harder. Now he’s starting to groan. He thrusts as hard as he can and you can’t take it anymore! You both let go. He pulls out and you finish him off. You put on Justin’s shirt and he puts his boxers back on. He sits you back on his lap and kisses your lips softly. The windows are steamy. He writes “Justin <3 (Your Name)” in the window. You lay your head on his chest & he kisses your forehead. Justin looks points at the drawing and says, “That’s forever.” You two spend the night in the car, and you wake up next to him the next morning and he says, “Good Morning Mrs. Bieber” ;)

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My Very First #Imagine Story! (Random)

Justin pushes you onto a wall with his body pressed against yours. He takes off your shirt, and you take off his. His warm body is on you and you feel his dick through his jeans. You’re making out and he starts kissing your neck. You feel his hot breath on your neck and he moves down and kisses your chest. His soft kisses move down your stomach and he undoes the button on your jeans and zips down the zipper with his teeth. He looks up at you & teases you. He takes off your jeans, stands back up & carries you to the bed with your legs around his waist. He takes off his jeans & crawls on top of you. You want more. You pull him down & start making out with him as you undo his jeans. He kicks them off and he’s sooo hard right now. And you’re getting all wet while he runs his hands up and down your thighs. He finally gets under your lacey black panties and rubs you till you’re ALL wet. He slips his fingers into your vagina. His fingers are going in and out of you and it feels SO good because he has such long fingers ;) He finally takes off your panties, and you slip off his boxer-briefs. You’re all wet so now it’s his turn. You pull Justin down, pin him to the bed, & straddle him. You lick him like a lollipop from his lips all the way down to his dick. Justin says, “Baby, gimme head real quick.” You go down on him and he has the PERFECT dick, it’s not all lop sided and nasty. He stops you and says, “Okay, now come to daddy ;)” He carries you and sits you on top of his dick. He thrusts into you to get himself in, then you ride him up and down while he guides you with his hands on your waist. You switch positions and he throws you down on the bed and you put your legs on his shoulders while he slides his dick in and out. He pushes harder, and harder, and harder. You start to moan and claw into his back with your nails cause you can’t take it. Justin breathes heavily and thrusts as hard as he can three times and you moan SO loud. He holds his breath and lets it all out.  He pulls out and you two are laying there panting because you just had the HOTTEST sex with Justin Bieber. He looks at you out of breath, you lay on top of him, and he kisses you on the forehead and says, “Damn Babygirl.” ;)

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I love all my stories and I don’t want them to start getting lost in my favorites! So i’m gonna start updating this thing and posting my stories on here so it’s easier for you guys to read ;)