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Couch Cuddling ;)

It’s a cold night, and you’re watching TV on your couch with blankets and the fireplace on. You get a text from Justin, “hey beautiful<3” You say, “hi babe, what are you up to :)” He replies, “nothing :/ come hang out with me pleeease!” You say, “i can’t leave the house!” Your phone rings, you answer it. “Babe, can i come over? Let’s just cuddle and watch movies.” Your parents are asleep so you sneak him over. You see the lights from his car as he pulls up, and you walk outside. You rush to his car and jump in his arms and kiss him (: You grab his hand and you guys hurry back into the house cause it’s cold outside! You sneak him through the back door and onto the couch. You jump onto the couch and he stands there looking at you, smiling cause he missed you so much. You pat the seat next to you and he sits. You two cuddle in silence. You catch Justin staring at you, in your sweatpants and hair-tied, and you say, “Stop looking at me like that!” He doesn’t say a word, looks into your eyes, puts his finger under your chin and pulls your face towards him, and kisses you softly. He has his arm around your shoulder and grabs your leg and pulls it closer to him and caresses it. You start to kiss him harder and longer. He slowly starts moving on top of you while you slide onto your back. You stop, sit up a little & say “Justin, my parents are upstairs!” He says, “Shh, I’ll be gentle.” And winks at you ;) You bite your lip and start kissing him again. You feel his tongue slip into your mouth. And you both start breathing heavily as you feel Justin getting hard underneath his jeans while he starts to grind against you. His motions are in sync with his kissing, you run your hands through that beautiful hair of his ;) Then, he pulls your shirt over your head. He starts kissing down your neck, then bites at your boobs while he undoes your bra and it falls off. He starts sucking and nibbling softly. He rides his tongue up & down your body, and stops to take off his shirt before he presses his body against you. You take off your sweats. He stands up and takes off his jeans and then you pull him back down onto you. He slides your panties off and pulls his boxers down. He starts rubbing your vagina making you all wet, then you get on your knees and start sucking him sooo slowly. He pulls you back up and lays you down on the couch, spreads your legs, and pushes himself into you. It feels so amazing. He starts pumps you slowly. You feel every inch of his dick inside of you and start to moan softly. But you remember your parents are home. You bite onto your lip and breathe heavily while he goes in and out of you. You close your eyes and grab onto anything you can. Slowly, he starts to push harder into you. Then he pulls your body closer to him and you start clawing into his back, he’s loving it. You fight the urge not to start moaning really loud, so you whisper between your breaths, “Ughhhh Justin…” Then he really starts fucking you hard, and you’re so close to climaxing. Little moans escape from your mouth cause it feels so good. Your body fills with pleasure and every inch of you starts to contract then… BIEBERGASM. Justin kisses you softly, then says “Told you I’d be gentle.” ;) You’re both out of breath, you laugh and say, “That was NOT gentle.” He winks at you and you both put your clothes back on, cuddle, and finish out the movie(:

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Sweet Surprises<3

You wake up to a beautiful day and the snow is falling! You get up, and walk to the bathroom. In there you see a bouquet of roses & a note. It’s from Justin! It reads: “Good morning beautiful! Just got back in town and I need to see you! Follow these notes for a surprise<3” You look at the back of the note, it says: “Your first note is downstairs!” You toss that note and run down the stairs as fast as you can. You look on the kitchen table, and there’s a stack of heart-shaped french toast covered in maple syrup. You sit down and start to eat. You smile as you read the second note: “You like? I mixed a little of our favorite things for breakfast. Now finish up & get dressed babe!” You can barely eat cause you’re so excited for the rest of the surprises! You run back upstairs to your closet and find a wrapped box. There’s a note on top. You read it: “You gotta stay warm & be cute today! But I can’t take all the credit, I had my mom pick it out..” You open up the box. It’s a cute peacoat, new True Religion jeans, and Steve Madden boots! You see something at the bottom.. It’s another wrapped present with another note: “Babe, okay I know you love the outfit, but I gotta throw in my twist to it. Don’t be mad!” You open it up, and it’s a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey saying “Bieber” on the back. You laugh a little, he WOULD make you wear this. Pattie texts you. “Hi honey! I hope you like everything and it all fits okay! Justin took forever to make today perfect! He wouldn’t stop talking about you!” You text back: “Yes thank you Pattie! Everything looks great! But idk where the next note is!” She replies: “There’s a car out front!” You say thank you and make your way outside. Justin got you a limo (: The driver opens the back for you. You’re so excited to see Justin! You look in the limo and all you see is a CD. You play the CD, there’s only one track. “One Less Lonely Girl” <3 You listen to the song and start to smile really big. At the end of the song it’s Justin’s voice. You feel so comforted at the sound of it. “Babe! I’m glad everything worked out. I thought this would fail miserably! I’m hated leaving you for so long, you won’t be lonely anymore.” All of a sudden, your heart fills with warmth and butterflies start to rage in your stomach. The cold of the air just seems to disappear. The driver pulls out to a random pond that has been frozen over, and you see Justin standing there with white roses in his winter coat. A smile just takes over your face and his face just brightens up immediately. He can’t stop smiling even though he tries to keep his cool. He’s standing there looking like an idiot wearing a huge snow jacket, a beanie, skinny jeans, and of course… his supras. You slide out of the car as fast as you can and run at him. He runs back towards you, and you feel like a cheesy movie but you dont care! He runs so fast towards you that he slips and falls straight on his butt. You stop in your tracks and start laughing SO hard! You continue towards him, and get on your knees to comfort him. “Awh, babe! You’re such a dork! Are you okay!?” He laughs and turns red. “Yeah, I’m okay. But on a scale of 1-10 how embarassing was that? It actually kinda hurt.” You say: “I’d give it a 9, not graceful at all.” He laughs, “Damn. Well if you kiss me it’ll make it all better.” He pulls your chin towards him with his glove covered hands and kisses you. You smile. You help him back up. And he holds you by the waist and you throw your arms around his neck and he kisses you on the cheek. He says, “I think I tripped on my shoelace, that’s how I fell.” He goes down on his knee to re-tie it. You say, “Your shoelace. Right.” ;) You aren’t paying attention cause it’s so beautiful out & you’re just happy to be with him, but you look down & he’s on his knee with a box. You think to yourself, OMG. There’s no way… You look at him, “Justin…?” He sighs really deeply and you see his breath in the cold air. He looks deep into your eyes & says “Baby. I’ve never done this before. But you mean so much to me, and I can’t imagine being without you.” Your heart is racing. You can barely breathe. He continues.. “But will you please.. please..” He opens the box. “Go to the Leafs game with me?” In the box are two folded up tickets to see the Toronto Maple Leafs. You laugh and slap him, “Don’t do that to me! Jeeze!” He gets back up and defends himself, “Hey! Hey! I’m sorry but will you please go with me! I don’t wanna have to go with Ryan or Chaz.” You smile and kiss him. He asks, “That’s a yes?” You look into his eyes and nod cutely. He smiles, and carries you and kisses you. You two run back to the car and he says, “C’mon! We’ll be late!” And you two are on your way to the game. You get there and all the girls FREAK out that you’re there together. You keep your hands to yourself to avoid unnecessary attention. But Justin grabs your hand & pulls you towards & you walk into the arena. You get your seats right by the ice & he puts his arm around you. He asks you if you want anything to eat, you say, “Surprise me!” Then he leaves. The people behind you have been taking pics the whole time. Once he leaves, people start hounding you. They ask you if you’re his GF and what you’re doing with him. You even get some nasty hate. The guys behind you say, “You must think you’re the shit if you’re here with Bieber. Newsflash: He’s a faggot. He likes men.” You ignore them, and turn around. But as you turn, Justin is there to catch you. He holds you, kisses you, then looks back at them & winks. Everyone in your section starts going, “OHHHH! GET IT BIEBER!” He laughs and gives everyone head nods. You both sit back down and he got twizzlers, sour patch, and a soda. He puts a twizzler in his mouth, and says, “Want some?” You look at him, and think he’s such a dork. But you bite the other end of it and start eating at it until you meet at the middle. You finish it, and you say “Smooth.” ;) He sits back in his chair and puts his arm back around you and says, “Ehh, i try.” The game is almost over and the kiss cam is on. They go to the cute older couples, then everyone in your section starts pointing at you two. The camera man sees Justin and you sitting together, and points the camera at you. You both tease the crowd & look at each other in disgust. You start mouthing, “No! He’s my brother!” You both give up and start laughing, and he looks at you and gives you the sweetest kiss. He pulls away, and you wipe off your lips. Then he stands up, points at you, and claps. The crowd goes WILD. You both have to leave early before everyone starts attacking you. So you rush out of the arena to the limo and head back to your house. It’s late so you sneak Justin up to your room, past your parents. He takes off his jacket & jumps into your bed while you get ready for bed. You take off all your makeup and get into your sweats. He sits on the bed seductively and says, “Come to daddy.” ;) You roll your eyes then run to the bed, hop in, and say “Shh!” He kisses your forehead and wraps his arms around you. He looks into your eyes, “You know, even without makeup. You’re still THE most gorgeous thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. I hope you know that.” You smile and he says, “And that smile is what keeps me going. It’s the reason I miss home so much.” You kiss him and cuddle closer to him. He keeps going, “I really have seen so many pretty faces in this world, wherever I go. But I only see you. And I only want to see you.” You are at a loss for words & you feel his heart racing as he musters up the courage to tell you all this. You sit up and look in his eyes. You stare at each other just because you love looking at those big brown eyes, and that perfect face of his. He opens his mouth and says.. “I’m in love with you.” You smile and your heart fills with happiness. And any pain you’ve ever felt just melted away when those words came out of his mouth. You smile and reply, “Well, Justin Drew Bieber. It’s safe to say that I’m completely, undeniably, madly in love with you too.” <3 You share the sweetest kiss you’ve ever felt, and you fall asleep in Justin Bieber’s arms.

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Love In This Club “Isn’t that illegal?” ;)

You’re getting ready for New Years. You’re wearing a tight silver sequined dress and black pumps and you’re lookin’ hot. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Justin ;) He’s lookin’ fine with his suit and black skinny tie. He gives you a single white rose. You take it from him & he grabs your lower back with one arm, pulls you close to him and kisses you softly. “Happy New Years Baby,” he says. You smile and grab his hand. You run into the kitchen and say bye and Happy New Years to your parents & siblings. And you’re off. He opens the door to his Range Rover for you and you get in. He hops in the drivers seat and you hold hands on your way to the party. You roll up to the club and the cameras are flashing waiting to see who JB brought to the Island Def Jam New Year’s Party. Justin gets out of the car and all the tweens who can’t get in scream and yell. He opens the door for you and the girlies start to cry. You step out, looking fresh to death. And Justin takes your hand and kisses you in front of everyone. You walk up to the club. All the girls are yelling at you and screaming for Justin. Paparazzi is going crazy, and Justin is only paying attention to one person, you. You finally get into the club, and it’s poppin. The setup is amazing, and Justin’s pounding all of these celeb’s fists on his way in. Usher comes up and says, “Aye lil’ bro, this the new girl?” He replies, “I’m workin on it. I hope so!” Usher replies, “My man!” ;) He looks into your eyes, pulls your chin towards him and kisses you. You keep walking, and you go straight to the VIP section. You two sit on the couch, and he has his arm around you while you guys talk to some of the biggest recording artists on the scene. Chaz and Ryan are there with their dates, and it’s 11:45. Everyone in the section starts kissing and fondling with each other. Chaz pulls up from his kiss and says, “Justin! C’mon bro!” Ryan pulls away from his kiss too and says, “Yeah get some!” ;) You look at Justin, he looks into your eyes. He bites his lip, and you whisper in his ear, “Just wait a bit. I promise it’ll be worth it.” He can’t help himself so he starts kissing on your neck and caressing your bare thighs. Then the DJ announces, “5 minutes ‘till midnight!” Justin quickly stands up. He takes your hand & he’s definitely in a rush to get somewhere. You shuffle through the dancefloor in your heels. He opens a door that says “The Red Room” and you both rush in before anyone sees you. And he shuts it behind you quickly. The room is Usher’s room in the club. The lights are dimmed, and theres a bed with silk sheets and the mood is just right. The DJ says, “10 seconds!” The crowd yells “10..9..8..” Justin pushes you against the door. “7..6..5” He presses his body against yours. "4..3..2.." You feel Justin’s warmth against your skin and his breath on your lips. "1!" Justin holds your head in his hands and kisses you. Your lips lock and sparks ignite. He gets more into it and slips his tongue into your mouth and moves his hands from your face to your hips. You wrap your arms around his neck and he picks you up and carries you to the bed. He lays you down softly and bites at your bottom lip. He loosens his tie and you unbutton his shirt a bit. He’s looking so sexy. He’s on his hands hovering over you and looks you up and down. He stands you up, and turns you around. He kisses up and down your neck and shoulders while he slooowly undoes your dress zipper. You slip out of your dress and he pushes you back down on the bed. You look at him seductively and pull down him by his tie and kiss him. You sit up and take off his shirt and tie. He presses his chest against yours then starts kissing you from your lips down to your chest. He undoes your bra with one hand and starts softly biting at your boobs and makes his way down to your stomach. He bites at your panties. He pulls down on them and you slip out of them. He comes back up to your lips and runs his hands up your inner thighs. You breathe heavier. He slips his fingers into you and starts moving them in and out. He rubs on your clit and you feel pleasure through your whole body. You feel his dick getting hard on your leg & realize his pants are still on ;) You stop him so you can last longer and you turn over on him. You straddle him and undo his pants and slide them off. Then you start stroking his dick from outside his boxers then slide those off too. You get on your knees at the foot of the bed, and start to suck him hard. You lick up and down his dick and you hear him breathing heavily. He’s sooo hard. He stops you and stands up. You push him against the wall and he pulls you by the hips onto him. He lifts one of your legs. You’re standing in your heels so it’s the perfect height for Justin to slip right into you. He starts thrusting into you. You start pounding on the wall in pleasure, “Yesss! Justin! Ughh!” as you feel him inside of you. He pulls out and carries you to the bed. He throws you into the pillows and you pull him on top of you. He spreads your legs and starts fucking you hard. The bed starts rocking. He puts a pillow under you, so he can get even deeper. The music in the club drowns out your loud moans, “Fuck yeahh. Ugh Justin!” ;) He claws at your thighs while he’s pumping you so hard and moans. You grab onto the silk sheets and anything you can get your hands on. You start to arch your back as you get closer and closer to climaxing. You’re both sweating and he’s fucking you soooo good. You get louder and louder the harder he pounds you, and then BIEBERGASM. You let it all out and moan “Yess! Yess! Yess!” Your body shakes uncontrollably and every muscle tenses and feels so much pleasure. Then relaxes when Justin pulls out and collapses on you. You run your hands through his hair as he pants and breathes heavily at your neck. Then he manages to get out the words, “Holy shit.” You both laugh a little even though you’re out of breath. You let him lay down and you get on your hands over him, and let your hair fall. He sits up a little to kiss you softly on the lips. Then says, “I can’t think of a better way to start this year than with you.” You smile and scrunch your nose as he kisses the tip of it. He pushes the hair out of your face and you both get up and put your clothes on. He helps you get your dress on and holds you close to him, and says “Before we get out there, can I please tell people you’re all mine now?” You bite your lip real cute, smile & nod. He takes your head in his hands, kisses you on the forehead, then holds your hand & you walk out. Lil Twist comes up & says, “Aye JB! This the new lady friend?” Justin looks at you. You interrupt, laugh and say, “Yeah i’m [your name].” Justin looks at you and smiles really big. Then he walks you in front of the paparazzi, dips you, and kisses you for everyone to see<3

there might be some copy-paste errors, like stuff might be doubled up. i didn’t really check, but i hope you guys are happy now! :P

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Bangin’ on a Boat ;)

You wake up next to Justin shirtless in your hotel room in Hawaii. He kisses you on the forehead, “Morning babe.” (: He hops out of bed excitedly & says “I have a surprise for you!” He opens the curtains, you see a private catamaran just for you two. He says, “Get ready babe. I’ll meet you down there.” And he kisses you. You get ready in a playful turquoise bikini. And go down. He has white trunks and a white shirt unbuttoned so his chest is showing. He has a bouquet of rare hawaiian flowers for you. He helps you up onto the boat and holds your hips and kisses you, “You look gorgeous! You ready baby?” You nod & you two sail away.The breeze is blowing in his sexy hair as he maneuvers the boat. You take off your dress and tan in the sun at the front end. He anchors the boat and goes down below to grab some stuff. You yell for him, “Babe! Help me with this sun tan lotion please!” He comes over to you with a bucket of ice and drinks. He laughs and says, “Of course.” You’re laying on your stomach and he squirts a handful of lotion into his hands and starts massaging you with his strong hands. He runs his hands up and down your back and along your sides. He gets on the side of your boobs and you get turned on. Justin starts messing around & unties the strings to your top & smacks your butt lightly. You sit up & hold your top to your chest. Justin starts messing around & unties the strings to your top & smacks your butt lightly. You sit up & hold your top to your chest. You flirt back and slap him lightly, “Justin Drew Bieber! You bad boy!” He laughs and says, “What! Sorry, I can’t help it!” He pulls your chin towards him with his fingertip and kisses you softly while you still hold your top up. He pushes that arm down. Your top falls to the ground and he starts groping your boobs. You pull away from the kiss and say “I’m gonna burn, put more on” ;) You lay down and he takes more lotion and caresses your boobs and runs his hands up and down your flat stomach. He crawls on top of you & says, “Am i done yet!” You get the bottle of lotion and say, “My legs too!” And make a pouty face. He can’t resist. He takes more lotion and starts at your ankles and slooowly makes his way up to your thighs. You start to get wet. He massages the inside of your thighs & you feel him inch closer & closer to your crotch. He pulls down your bottoms with his teeth. You pull him up by the collar of his shirt and kiss him hard. While you’re making out he rushes to unbutton & take off his shirt. He reaches over and takes a piece of ice and drips it onto your body and it melts instantly from the heat of the sun and your body. Justin takes another piece of ice, puts it in his mouth and mutters, “Come get it mama.” And winks ;) You slowly lick at it. The ice gets smaller and eventually melts, and you start making out again. The cold of your tongues feels so good in the hot sun.Justin lays down & puts his hands behind his head and calls you with his finger. You kiss him once. Then you take a handful of ice. You rub that ice up and down his hot body sending chills all over him. He smacks your hands away and pulls you onto him. You make out again, then start kissing down his torso. Then you pull on the strings of his trunks with your teeth & slide them off. His dick is already hard from the kinky ice games and the sight of your hot naked body. He says, “Forget foreplay. Fuck me baby.” You play around with him a bit, licking the melted ice from his six pack and lick the tip of his dick. You sit up and straddle him. You slowly sit on his dick and let it go inside of you. You have to take it little by little because it’s so big ;) You’re both sweating from the hot sun on you two and you start riding his dick up and down while he lightly thrusts into you. It feels so good but you get off and switch positions. You bend over the rail of the boat and he fucks you from behind. You and Justin are both holding onto the rail of the boat while he starts fucking you harder and faster, you start moaning loudly. He slaps your ass lightly and you laugh a little. You moan louder cause he’s getting sooo deep inside of you. You stand back up and run to the back of the boat. It’s getting hot so you go under an over-hang onto cushioned couches. You lay down and pull Justin down ontop of you. You’re both panting and sweating. You have an intense makeout sesh. You look him in the eyes, bite your lips, and he spreads your legs. He gets on his knees and wraps your legs around his waist. He starts pumping into you and you start rubbing your clit cause you’re getting SO horny. He fucks you with long, hard strokes. You start shifting the cushions cause he’s fucking you so hard, and you grab onto the rail behind you cause you can’t take it. He says, “Say my name baby” in a sexy voice while he’s thrusting in and out. You do what he says, “UGHH JUSTIN BIEBER! JUSTIN!” You start breathing really heavily and your moans get higher & shorter & faster the harder he fucks you. Then finally, BIEBERGASM. He pulls out of you and you both collapse cause you’re exhausted. You take a second to recover and you rest your head on his chest. You say, “It’s fucking hot babe.” Justin says, “Oh, should I leave?” then winks at you ;) You decide to be reckless and you get up and run to the front of the boat and swan dive into the hawaiian waters. You look back up at him at the boat sexily and bite your lip, “You. Here. Now!” He backflips into the water and floats over to you. You wrap your legs and arms around him while he treads water and he kisses you softly. Justin presses his forehead against yours, looks into your eyes, and says, “You’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

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Justin in the Jacuzzi!

You and Justin just got off the slopes and got back to a ski resort and you have the penthouse suite at the very top. You both want to warm up, so he says to you “Babe i’m sore! Let’s go in the jacuzzi out on the deck. I’ll meet you out there.” You put on a frilly pink swimsuit with a triangle top that has ruffles on it and a tiny skirt bottom that barely covers you. You walk out feeling sexy in a messy bun and your towel covering up cause it’s freezing outside. Justin’s already in w/ his boxers. You give him a cute little sexy look and slowly take off your towel and drop it at your side. He laughs a little and bites his lip. You slowly step into the jacuzzi & sit across from Justin just to tease him ;) He calls you with his finger, “Come to daddy” ;) You slowly make your way over to his side of the jacuzzi and rest your knees on the seat and straddle him. He looks into your eyes. Justin wants to kiss you so bad. You tease him more. He asks “How did I end up with the most beautiful girl in the world?” You smile. He says, “I like when you smile.” You laugh. He says, “I like when you laugh.” You kiss him. He says, “I REALLY like when you do that.” ;) You bite your lip and look into his eyes sexily. You pull back and call him with your finger and he slowly inches towards you. He puts his finger under your chin and kisses you softly. He can’t resist so he kisses you over, and over, and over. He holds your head in his hands and kisses you harder. Your mouths start to open, you feel his warm tongue slip against yours. He puts his hands down in the water and starts grabbing your ass and running his hands up and down your thighs. You start putting your whole body into it, rolling your body with every movement of the kiss, grinding your crotch against his. Justin likes it so he stops kissing for a sec and smiles. He keeps groping you and you start kissing again.You feel his dick getting hard under his boxers. He bites your lower lip as he pulls both strings to your top and lets it fall off. Your bare boobs are rubbing against his chest, and your nipples are hard because its so cold outside. He starts to grab at them. You stand up on your knees a little more, and he buries his face in your boobs, sucking at your nipples and biting them softly. He licks the sides of them with the tip of his tongue and sends shivers down your spine. You sit back on his lap and kiss him hard. You press your chest and stomach against his and you feel his 6-pack touch your flat stomach & get turned on. You grab at his dick. You start stroking him with your fingertips. And he spreads his arms along the outside of the jacuzzi and throws his head back. You start kissing on his neck while stroking his big, hard cock. He’s loving every minute of it. You slide his boxers down and off of his ankles and throw them out of the spa then keep stroking up and down his huge dick. You take off your own bottoms and you stand up in front of him. He tries to sit up to kiss you but you push him back down. You give him a sexy look then let your hair down. He’s so horny that he grabs you by the waist and presses your body against his. You give him a sexy look then let your hair down. He’s so horny that he grabs you by the waist and presses your body against his. Justin runs his hands up and down your sides and stares at you with sexy eyes while you get every inch of that cock in you. It goes so deep and you start to moan. You’ve done everything for him up till this point so you hop off and say, “Your turn.” ;) Justin bends you over and fucks you from behind with his hands on your waist. You feel his dick inside of you and moan even more. The water starts sloshing around between you two and he starts getting kinky and grabs your ass and smacks it. It hurts so good. It starts to snow but you’re getting so hot from the jacuzzi steam and the hotness between you two, you both even start to sweat. He pulls out, flips you around, and carries you. You wrap your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. He kisses at your neck then you start to bounce up and down on his dick while he thrusts into you.You come down on his dick with every one of his thrusts and it goes so deep that you scream “UGH!” every single time. You feel his hot breath on your neck and your hold on him gets tighter and tighter. Your bodies are pressed on each other so hard. He even starts to moan quietly with every thrust. He starts fucking you so hard and your body shakes with every pump. “UGHH JUSTIN!” Your back starts to arch and you feel every sensation in your body start to erupt as he fucks your brains out. “YES! YES! YES! OHHH KEEP GOING!” Justin thrusts harder and faster, your body starts shaking, your fingers claw into his bare back. He starts panting really heavily, putting every bit of his strength into it. And he cums inside of you while you BIEBERGASM. You loosen your hold on him as he pulls out. He kisses you so hard and you’re both breathing heavily against each other. You start giggling and kiss him on the nose as snow falls and melts as soon as it hits his hot skin. You’re both panting. You both sit next to each other. He looks at you and says, “I’m not sore anymore. But you might be tomorrow” ;) You smile and say, “It was worth it.” And lean towards him to kiss him softly on the lips. He says, “Was I good to you?” & winks. You laugh and say, “Are you kidding me? That was the best you’ve ever fucked me.” You sit back on his lap and you both just cuddle in the jacuzzi as you feel his muscles surround your body.

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It’s a Bieber Christmas<3

It’s Christmas! And you already did all the stuff with your family like open presents and eat together. You hear a knock on the door, your mom tells you to get it. You answer it and it’s a driver with a limo waiting for you outside. You turn around and your mom has your bags already packed, she says “Merry Christmas” and shows you out the door. You have NO idea what’s going on but your family is in on it. You open the door to the limo and see a bouquet of roses & a note. The note says: Merry Christmas baby girl! I couldn’t imagine spending the holidays without you. Just sit relax, see you in a bit<3 The bottom of the note reads “<3 Justin” and you can’t help but smile. You ask the driver where you’re going. He says the airport. You get to the airport and see a private jet waiting for you with a heart on the door. You walk up the stairs to read it. It’s another note from Justin saying: This is all for you babe. I’d do anything for you, you know that. Have a safe flight<3 You blush and step inside. You ask the pilot how long the flight is. He says 3 hours. So you sit back, and take a nap. The pilot wakes you up. “[Your name]? We’re here Mrs. Bieber!” and winks at you. You say thank you and step outside. It’s snowing! You see Justin standing in front of a white porsche all bundled up with white roses in his hands. You drop your things and run as fast as you can! He puts down the roses and opens his arms and carries you and gives you the sweetest kiss! He puts you down & hands you the roses. He opens the door for you and gets in the drivers seat. He leans over and kisses you again. “I missed you so much babe!” “Missed you too babe, but where are we going?” He smiles and says “I’m gonna show you what a Canadian Christmas looks like” ;) You drive around for a good hour through forests and windy roads. The snow is beautiful! You finally stop at a gorgeous cabin. It’s completely secluded. He puts his hands around your eyes and guides you through the doors. You open your eyes… The whole cabin is lit with candles and has a fireplace already going. And in front of the fire, is a blanket covered in petals. You and Justin both cuddle by the fireplace and he sings songs into your ears and you smile & laugh together. He pulls out a thermos of hot chocolate and pours you a cup. Then puts whipped cream on top. You stick your finger in the cream. You smear that whipped cream on the tip of his nose. He says, “You better do something about that miss!” You smile and lick it off. He puts whipped cream on his finger and asks “You gonna do something about this too?” You take it and slowly suck on his finger. He smiles. Then puts a little on his bottom lip then you lean over and bite at his lip and suck off the whipped cream. You smack the bottle out of his hand and pin him to the ground and start kissing him softly. You kiss from his lips to his neck. He sits back up and takes off your coat & undershirt so you’re in nothing but your bra, jeans, and boots. You take off his shirt. You pin him back down & take the whipped cream & make a trail of it from his chest to his stomach. He looks at you & bites his lip. You slowly ride your tongue down his torso and lick up all the whipped cream. You press your body back against his. You feel his huge cock getting hard and start grinding your crotch against it while you two make out furiously. Justin pulls at your hair-tie and lets down your hair. You knock off your boots and he gets you out of your jeans. You pin him back down because you don’t wanna give him control just yet. You undo his pants, and slowly unzip him with your teeth. You and Justin look outside and it’s snowing so hard. But the fire and Justin’s bare skin against yours is keeping you so warm ;) You still don’t wanna give Justin control just yet, so you slide down his boxers and take his huge dick and lick it up and down. You gently lick it from top to bottom just to tease him. You see his face wanting more, so you take it & slide it in your mouth. You go slowly and bob your head up & down while Justin starts to grab onto your hair and push you down, you stop when he does that. He looks at you and knows to back off, he knows he’s gonna pleasure you so much more once you’re done. You keep giving him head and swirling your tongue on the tip of his dick. He stops you and slowly comes up and kisses your neck. He crawls closer to you until you’re on your back and he’s hovering over you, staring into your eyes. You give him full control. He looks at you and bites your lower lip then runs his tongue down to your boobs. He starts to grope them and takes off your bra. He rubs on one of them and bites and sucks on the other one softly and switches off. You close your eyes in pleasure. He licks from your boobs down to your stomach with the tip of his tongue & sends chills all over your body. You’re getting so wet. He bites the elastic of your lacy panties & pulls them down & off your legs. You feel his warm breath in your crotch, teasing you. He runs both of his hands up your inner thighs and takes two fingers and slides them into you. He rubs his thumb on your clit. Justin pulls you up and kisses you on the lips so softly, barely touching your lips and says, “Merry Christmas baby” and winks ;) He lays you on your back and starts grinding on you as you’re making out, rubbing his dick over your crotch. You’re both so ready. He spreads your legs and slowly sticks his hard cock inside of you. It kind of hurts, but you’re too horny to care. Justin stares into your eyes and wrap your arms around his neck and make out with him while he starts pumping into you. He pulls away and you close your eyes and throw your arms back. He gets on his knees and raises your hips to get a better angle. He holds onto your thighs as he starts fucking you harder. You moan, “Ugh yesss Justin, just like that!” He starts taking slow, hard thrusts into you and you feel him go sooo deep inside of you and he says, “Get loud baby” ;) You say something after every thrust, he likes when you talk dirty ;) “OHH.. YES.. JUSTIN.. UGHH.. YOU’RE AMAZING.. FUCK ME!” He plays along too and you start having fun cause no one can hear you, he yells “UGHH [your name] YOU’RE SO SEXY! YOU’RE SO HOT!” You yell back, “UGHH YES, JUSTIN YOU’RE A GOD!” And you both smile as he starts fucking you harder and you seriously start to moan. He holds you at your waist and starts pulling your body towards him with every thrust, and gets so deep inside of you. He’s breathing so heavily and your sexy moans are starting to get higher and he knows you’re getting close to climaxing. Both of you are getting sweaty from the fireplace and the hot, hot sex. And he pushes harder and goes faster to get you there. You grip onto the blanket, all your muscles start to tighten up, and you start to feel his dick get harder inside of you “YES!YES!” You clench your legs around Justin’s waist as tight as you can and both of you BIEBERGASM at the same time. He pulls out and kisses you on the lips and hovers over you and just breathes on you and you’re both panting. He collapses next to you and you lay on his chest and kiss it. Then you pull a blanket over yourselves and fall asleep together. You & Justin Bieber just had Christmas sex ;)

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Playing Dress-Up in the Dressing Room ;)

You decide to surprise Justin by waiting for him in his dressing room wearing a sexy little outfit. Corset with tights and heels. You sit on his vanity with your legs crossed, he should be coming in any minute. You text him, “i have a surprise for you ;)” A few minutes later, he bursts through the door. He stops and looks at you and bites his lip. You call him over with your finger. He smiles devilishly & walks towards you. You spread your legs & he stands between them. You hold his head in your hands & kiss him. He wraps your legs around his waist, pushes you back, pins your hands to the mirror, and starts sucking on your neck. He bites at your ears and kisses you along your jawline, then licks down to your boobs that are spilling out of that tight corset. He pulls you toward him again and starts kissing you so hard, and he bites and pulls at your bottom lip. Justin lets go of your hands and you run them up and down his chest as he stands you up and grabs your ass. He rips off the corset and you’re in nothing but a purple bra, thong with your knee high leggings attatched, and pumps. He runs his fingers through your hair and undoes your bra with one hand while the other one rubs over your panties. He’s still fully clothed, so you kiss at his neck and pull off his shirt and he rushes to pull off his skinny jeans and supras. You hear Sean Kingston performing above you already so you know you don’t have much time. But Justin is already getting hard. You forget all about foreplay because you both want each other SO bad and you just want him inside you already. Justin picks you up and sits you back on the vanity and pushes all of the shit on the table to the ground. You’re both smiling because you love the roughness. He bites your inner thighs and pulls off your thong and tights with his teeth. He’s now completely naked and you have nothing but heels on. He spreads your legs and he stands between them again. You hear Sean mumble, “Thank you everyone! Goodnight!” And you look at Justin and say, “Fuck me already. You’re gonna be late!” He spreads your legs a little wider and thrusts himself into you. He starts fucking you slowly just to get himself in completely. He starts pulling himself in and out of you and starts going deeper and deeper. You moan loud because you know he likes it. He starts fucking you faster and says, “Say my name baby!” You moan, “Uuuughhh Justin, yessss Justinnn! Fuck yeah Justin Bieber!” You get loud because the music and screaming from the show drowns out your moans. He starts pumping long and hard and you start grabbing onto anything you can get your hands on. You can’t take it anymore. His long, hard dick inside of you giving you pleasure & pain throughout your whole entire body. You moan louder the harder he goes. The vanity starts shaking and creaking and thumping against the wall. You hear thousands of beliebers in the crowd waiting. He’s fucking you so good and you’re moaning with every thrust. You hear the crowd, “WE WANT JUSTIN! WE WANT JUSTIN!” Everything starts getting louder and the sex just gets better. You throw your head back and he fucks you as hard as he can. You start shaking and your muscles contract and you moan so loud because Justin just gave you a BIEBERGASM. He finishes off in your mouth and you take it like a champ, like you always do. You’re both in a rush to get your clothes on. The crew starts knocking at the door, “JUSTIN! HURRY UP! YOU GOTTA GET ON STAGE!” He says, “I’m coming!” And you help him get his opening outfit on. He kisses your forehead, says,”I love you babe!” and runs out.

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Steamy Sneak-In ;)

You’re driving home in the rain and Justin calls you. “Hey beautiful. What are you up to?” You smile and say, “On my way home.” He says, “How about you come over and cuddle with me, yeah?” You say, “Babe, it’s like 12 at night.” He says, “Doesn’t matter. Just come over for a bit please!” You can’t resist, you smile and say, “Fine. Be over in a sec.” You park outside his house. He calls you. “Don’t go to the front door, come through the side and i’ll sneak you in the window.” You freak out a little. “Justin! Your mom doesn’t know i’m coming over!?” He says, “Shh! Don’t worry we’ll be fine.” You crawl through the window into his room. The only lights on are coming from his TV. You take off your shoes and hop into bed. He’s wearing nothing but basketball shorts and you two are cuddling, watching TV, and listening to the rain fall outside. You’re shaking cause you’re so cold. He cuddles closer to you and looks into your eyes. Both of you want it so bad. He slides his leg over you and is on all fours hovering over you. He bites your lip but doesn’t kiss you yet. He kisses along your jawline, your eyelids, then hovers over your mouth. You hold back the urge to kiss him, but you give in. You hold his face in your hands and make out with him like crazy. You run your hands through his hair and mess it up. You feel his warm tongue pressing against yours and slip in and out of your mouth rhythmically. Occasionally he bites your lip. He slips off your shirt and starts kissing your boobs. He bites the tops of them and licks from your cleavage down to your stomach. He swirls his tongue around your stomach & bites your jeans. He undoes the button with his hands, then unzips you with his teeth. You caress his shoulders and upper back while he’s doing this and you feel yourself getting all wet. Then he slides off your jeans. He comes back up to kiss you softly and straddles you. He takes your hands & locks them with his as he kisses you harder & harder. He starts grinding his huge, stiff cock against your wet crotch and it turns you on even more. He grabs your hands tighter. He lets go of your hands and goes down on you. He holds your knees, teasing you. Then he claws his fingers up your inner thighs. He gets his hands on your hips and slides off your black lacy panties with his teeth. He’s going so slow, you can’t even wait. Justin licks you down there just once, then stops. He looks at you and says, “You want it?” ;) You have your eyes closed cause you can’t even bear looking at him without getting even more turned on, and you nod your head. He holds your outer thighs near your ass and dives in. You feel his warm, wet tongue lick you all over and slide into you. You stop him before you get close to orgasming. You pull him back up and he lays down. You get on top of him & ride his huge dick. You feel every inch of his cock slide into you as you sit on it, and you let out a slight moan. You remember you have to be quiet. Justin is so hard. He puts his finger to his lips to remind you that you can’t make much noise or his mom will hear. He has his hands on your hips and guides you up and down his long cock. You both are breathing so heavily. He takes you off, and flips you on your back so he can pound you hard. He spreads your legs and lifts them up. He uses your legs like handle bars and starts fucking you so hard. You feel his dick against every wall of your vagina. He gets so deep and you are breathing so heavily and with every breath comes your quietest moan. The bed is starting to creak. He pumps you harder, and harder, and harder. You try to hold it in and…BIEBERGASM. You take a pillow to your face & moan so loud. He starts laughing quietly and shushes you again. Justin still isn’t finished. He lays on his back, you start sucking him. Your head bobs up and down his dick and he moans quietly. You feel his dick start to harden even more in your mouth, you know he’s about to cum. You speed up and he finishes in your mouth. You swallow really quickly like a champ, then wipe off the excess cum off your lips. He puts his shorts back on and you slip your panties on and you just lay in bed together and cuddle. You both just giggle at each other and try and fix each others hair cause you have major sex hair. Justin holds your head in his hand & strokes your cheek with his thumb & says, “I’m in love with your smile” Of course, you smile. Justin smiles back and whispers, “I actually think I might be in love with everything about you.” Then kisses you on the forehead. You fall asleep in Justin Bieber’s arms after having a night of sketchy, hot, messy sex with him (:

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Tour Bus Turn-On!

Justin texts you right after his show, “babe the crowd came right tonight! i’m wiped but i wanna see you before i go to sleep!” You text back, “hmm i’ll drop by the venue yeah?” He says, “perfect! meet you in the bus in about 30” You drive to the bus lot behind the concert arena and you park your car. You open up Justin’s bus and wait for him. You’re sitting at the table in sweats and a sweatshirt, hair tied and ready for bed. Justin comes in, looks at you and smiles. He runs up to you and you stand up, he stops in front of you and kisses you sweetly. “I missed you babe! Thanks for coming out.” You smile and he’s all sweaty from the concert. But he still smells like cologne and you feel his warmth on your body. He says, “You’re the only girl who can look sexy in sweats & a sweatshirt. Let’s do something before everyone comes back.” Justin takes off his shirt and throws it. He takes your hand and you run to the back of the bus where the beds are. You push Justin down on the bed. He’s smiling and he pulls you down onto him. You make out and he pulls your sweatshirt off of you. You bite his lip and he smiles. You kiss him along his jawline and down to his neck and suck on his neck while he laughs. You are both being very playful and you’re on all fours on top of him and he reaches over and slaps your butt and grabs it. That just flipped the switch, you are so turned on right now. You press your body against his and feel his dick getting hard. You pull away from Justin’s lips, and he sits upright. You get off the bed and do a striptease for him. He stares biting his lip. You slip off your shirt and throw it at him, then undo your bra and drop it at your side. You slide out of your sweats. You crawl towards him in nothing but your lacy black underwear and undo his pants then unzip him with your teeth. You slip off his jeans and his dick is so hard under his boxers. You pull down the elastic and slip his big cock into your mouth. You kiss the tip and slide the whole thing into your mouth, you go slow because thats how he likes it. Justin has his hands behind his head & is enjoying every minute of it. You are already getting so wet at just the idea of his dick. He is already too horny and can’t let you keep going. So you stand him up and push his back to the wall and he picks up your leg. He lifts your leg onto his shoulder and he fingers your wet vag. He rubs your clit and makes you moan in pleasure. He makes sure you’re ready and pushes his dick into your vag. It takes him a couple pumps to get inside completely but he manages. He holds you up & starts thrusting into you. He’s going so deep. His big dick slides in and out of your tight vag and you love it. You’re moaning with every thrust & he throws his head back cause he is loving it too. Your leg gets tired so you bend over the bed. Justin starts fucking you from behind with his hands on your waist. Your arms are getting so weak because everything feels so good. You can’t take it anymore, he’s fucking you so good. You moan, “ughhhh yes justinnn. fuck mee harderrrr.” He does. He’s pumping you from behind and your arms collapse and the side of your face is down on the bed. He goes deeper, and deeper. You are filled with a mixture of pain & pleasure and he doesn’t stop. You feel yourself about to climax and … BIEBERGASM. Justin pulls out & you suck his dick and finish him off. You take his load into your mouth and swallow it cause it tastes amazing. He gets so turned on by that. He gets a text from Scooter saying, “hey buddy you in the bus already?” He shows you the text. You both rush to put on your clothes cause the crew should be coming back any minute. NBD, just a quickie with Justin Bieber ;)